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St Clement of Rome Primary School Bulleen

St. Clement of Rome Primary School and Parish: A Strong and Vibrant Partnership

Welcome to St. Clement of Rome Primary School, where our strong and vibrant partnership with St. Clement of Rome Parish plays a pivotal role in our school community. We believe that fostering a close relationship with our parish enhances the spiritual, educational, and social experiences of our students, staff, and families.


Shared Values and Mission

At St. Clement of Rome Primary School, our mission is founded in the Catholic faith, mirroring the values and teachings of our parish. Together, we strive to nurture a supportive and faith-filled environment where students can grow in their relationship with God, develop a sense of community, and achieve academic excellence.


Faith-Based Education

Our school and parish work hand-in-hand to provide a comprehensive faith-based education. Regular liturgical celebrations, such as Masses and prayer services, are integral to our school calendar. These spiritual activities are often led by our Parish Priest, ensuring that our students have meaningful opportunities to participate in and understand the significance of Catholic traditions.


Sacramental Preparation

One of the key aspects of our partnership is the preparation for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation. The parish and school collaborate closely to provide a thorough and engaging sacramental program. This program helps our students to deepen their faith and fully participate in the sacramental life of the Church.


Ongoing Support and Communication

We maintain an open line of communication with our parish to ensure that our partnership remains strong and effective. Regular meetings between school leadership and parish representatives help us to align our goals and work together seamlessly. Additionally, we encourage our families to engage with parish life and take advantage of the spiritual and social opportunities available.

For more information about St. Clement of Rome Parish and to stay updated on parish events and initiatives, please visit the St. Clement of Rome Parish website.

Thank you for being a part of our wonderful community, where faith and education come together to create a nurturing and inspiring environment for our children.

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