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Our School

St Clement of Rome Primary School Bulleen

St Clement of Rome Catholic Primary School is committed to providing a quality Catholic Education for the community of Bulleen. We acknowledge the need to personalise the education process to meet the needs of the children in our care. Therefore, learning in our classrooms focuses on the individual and is made purposeful and relevant to the 21st century. 


Our school’s programs have a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy as the scaffolds of learning and our specialist programs are complemented by modern facilities and resources. St Clement’s provides support services and programs to facilitate learning success for all students in our care. 


Our school motto "Love One Another" is central to who we are.  As a Catholic School we are dedicated to living out the core spiritual values of love, faith, hope and justice. We provide religious education and opportunities for faith development for our school community, including prayer and sacramental celebrations, which are integral to the life of our school. As a welcoming school community we provide a safe and inclusive environment focused on your child’s well being, achievement, challenge, creativity and enjoyment.

Our Vision

St Clement of Rome Primary School Bulleen

Anchored by our Catholic Faith, we empower every learner to express their creative courage to redefine our world.


Teaching & Learning Statement


At St Clement of Rome, the development of mutual, trusting and respectful relationships are integral to great learning. We value effective learning partnerships, characterised by consistent communication and collaboration. 


When we collaborate, we create new ideas together, harnessing the diversity of strengths within our community. The creation of a positive learning environment empowers us to be courageous in taking informed risks and thinking creatively.


Everyone in our community is on a different learning path. Investment in quality relationships enables us to understand and value the unique social, emotional and academic journey of each individual. 


Learning Design

Learning design at St Clement of Rome is continuously informed by a shared understanding of our learners so that each learning experience is authentic and relevant to the needs of our community. 


Learning is thoughtfully and intentionally designed so that experiences are worthy of our learners’ time. Learning at St Clement of Rome is rigorous and challenging.  Continual improvement is driven by reflection and the implementation of effective feedback. 


Inquiry and investigation ignite the natural curiosity of our learners. Risks and the exploration of new ideas are important for our growth and learning. 


Growth and Success

Learning at St Clement of Rome allows every learner to be an active participant and gives them the opportunity to achieve their own success. Growth and success on a learning journey are unique to each member of our community and mistakes are a natural step in the process.


As a community, we have high expectations and develop appropriate learning goals that promote growth. Questioning, a common feature in our classrooms, encourages discussion, dialogue and formative assessment.


The ongoing collection of evidence about every learner develops a culture of continuous growth. This ensures that we are a learner-centred, evidence-based school.

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Meet the St Clement of Rome Team

Michael Watt.jpg

Michael Watt


Fr Mark Reynolds Parish Priest.JPEG

Fr Mark Reynolds

Parish Priest

Julia Baker.jpg

Julia Baker

Assistant Principal: Operations & Governance, Learning & Teaching Leader, Literacy Leader, Classroom Teacher

Alyce Neville.jpg

Alyce Neville

Assistant Principal: Learning Diversity Leader, Learning & Teaching Leader, Maths Leader, Classroom Teacher

Milia Abdallah.jpg

Milia Abdallah

Religious Education Leader, Classroom Teacher

Neil Edelston.jpg

Neil Edelston

Student Wellbeing Leader, Classroom Teacher

Liam Forristgal.jpg

Liam Forristal

Senior Level Leader, Classroom Teacher

Georgia Muling.jpg

Georgia Muling

Middle Level Leader, Classroom Teacher

Tayla Kendall.jpg

Tayla Kendall

Junior Level Leader, Classroom Teacher

Peter Waldron.jpg

Peter Waldron

GOAL Coaching

St Clement of Rome Logo Red.png

Joanne Mitsioulis

Finance and Administration

Cathy Cipriani

Office Administration

Mimma Pozzebon.jpg

Mimma Pozzebon

 Learning Support, Office Administration

Vivian Chak

Library, Office Support

Rosa Pellicciotta.jpg

Rosa Pellicciotta

Classroom Teacher

Jo Sudbrough.jpg

Joanne Sudbrough

Classroom Teacher

Grace Callea.jpg

Grace Callea

Classroom Teacher

Jo Petschack.jpg

Joanne Petschack

Classroom Teacher

Elouise Kerr.jpg

Elouise Kerr

Classroom Teacher

Min Kim

Classroom Teacher

Olivia Frost.jpg

Olivia Frost

Classroom Teacher

Stacey Armatas

Classroom Teacher

Carly Wills.jpg

Carly Wills

Classroom Teacher

Zina Scalzo.jpeg

Zina Scalzo

Classroom Teacher

Sarah L_Aimable.jpg

Sarah L’Aimable

Classroom Teacher

Luisa Valente.jpg

Lu Valente

Classroom Teacher

Shirley Chen.jpg

Shirley Chen

Classroom Teacher

Julia Emmanuele.jpg

Julia Emmanuele

Classroom Teacher

Sarah Coffey.jpg

Sarah Coffey

Classroom Teacher

Emil Leonardia.jpg

Emil Leonardia

Classroom Teacher

Kerry Fraser.jpg

Kerry Fraser

Classroom Teacher

Bart Scarfo

Classroom Teacher

Adele Mancin.jpg

Adele Mancin

Classroom Teacher

Alana Costa.jpg

Alana Costa

Classroom Teacher


Amanda Ibrahim

Classroom Teacher

Caitlin Sullivan.jpg

Caitlin Sullivan

Classroom Teacher

Julia Pozzebon.jpg

Julia Pozzebon

Classroom Teacher

Richard Price PE Teacher.JPEG

Richard Price

Physical Education

Marie Maher.jpg

Marie Maher

Music/Performing Arts Teacher

Michelina Ucci.jpg

Michelina Ucci

 Italian Teacher

Kate Kelly Science Teacher.jpg

Kate Kelly

Science Teacher

Susan Russo Physical Education.jpg

Susan Russo

Physical Education

Dina Stylianou.jpg

Dina Stylianou

Visual Arts Teacher

Daire Young.jpg

Daire Young

Learning Support Officer

Wilma Paladina.jpg

Wilma Paladina

Learning Support Officer

Tom Balzary.jpg

Tom Balzary

Learning Support Officer

Dilpreet Bedi.jpg

Dilpreet Bedi

Learning Support Officer

Stephenie Tieppo.jpg

Stephanie Tieppo

Learning Support Officer

Danielle Pozzebon

Learning Support Officer

Fab Baldi Maintenance.JPEG

Fab Baldi


Nicole Tzirkas


Play & Learning Spaces

At St. Clement of Rome, our commitment to nurturing both play and learning environments is evident in every corner of our school. We believe that well-designed spaces facilitate both creativity and academic growth.


Our play spaces are thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs of students at different stages of development. For our youngest learners, the P-1 Yard provides a safe and stimulating environment where they can explore, imagine, and socialise under the watchful eye of our dedicated staff. This area is equipped with age-appropriate equipment and materials to encourage physical activity, imaginative play, and sensory exploration.


As students progress through years 2 and 3, they have access to larger play spaces that offer opportunities for cooperative play. These spaces are designed to foster teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills while still allowing room for individual exploration and self-expression.


For our older students in years 4-6, we offer a range of facilities geared towards promoting physical fitness and teamwork. Our gymnasium provides space for organised sports and physical education classes, while our playground, courts, and soccer pitches offer ample opportunities for students to engage in recreational activities and friendly competition.


In addition to our play spaces, we take great pride in our learning environments. Unlike open-plan schools, we believe in the importance of providing students with dedicated classroom spaces where they can focus, collaborate, and thrive. Each year level has its own designated building, with classes grouped together in straight grades within their own classrooms. This setup allows for a sense of continuity and community within each cohort, as well as providing teachers with the opportunity to tailor their instruction to the specific needs and abilities of their students.


At St. Clement of Rome, we understand the vital role that both play and learning environments play in supporting the holistic development of our students. That's why we're committed to providing spaces that inspire curiosity, foster creativity, and empower every child to reach their full potential.

Our History

1962 saw the first sod of earth turned to begin the building of the St Clement of Rome Church/School.

120 children were enrolled for the beginning of the 1963 school year. The church and school shared the same building for 8 years!

The dedication and commitment of community members during this time placed the parish community of St Clement’s in good stead for the future.

During the 1970s, the school grew rapidly as families made the Bulleen area their home. The land had changed from paddocks and orchards in the early 60’s to middle suburbia. Bulleen was full of young families beginning lives in this community. There was a large Italian community and a number of other nationalities; the beginning of the diverse culture mix that we know today. With enrolment over 700, the principal at the time commented, “We were bursting at the seams!”.

The 1980s saw peak enrolment of over 800 students. The parish had grown to 2000 Catholic families and St Clement of Rome was a busy, forward thinking community.  As time moves on, all those young families of the 70s and 80s have become the ‘empty nesters’ of the 90s and beyond. Today our enrolments are steady at around 450 students and we are at the beginning of the next stage, in the life of St Clement of Rome.

The future is unfolding with the completion our new buildings that will take our school well into the 21st century and serve many of the children and grandchildren of the first community of St Clement of Rome, that was built on such firm foundations.



The school newsletter is published weekly, each Thursday, and distributed to families via Compass.

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